You need to insure your life before you travel. This rule applies to globe trotters and people that are traveling for the first time to a different country. Life insurance can protect your family from financial disaster if something happens to you while you travel or you acquire a deadly illness while visiting another country.

Life insurance for travel is a specialized branch of the insurance industry. You cannot expect that your present life insurance will cover you when you travel abroad. Your first step should be to check your policy for coverage that includes travel and any type of illness cover that is in addition to any health insurance you may have.

The type of life insurance that you need depends on the length of time that you will travel. Travel for 90 days or more requires a specific type of life insurance. Any extended periods of stay longer than 90 days requires a different form of life insurance.

Foreign travel can be dangerous and the danger depends on the country that you travel to. Some insurance companies refuse to issue life insurance for travel to extremely dangerous countries like North Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Kidnapping, theft with bodily injury that results in death, and illness acquired while traveling are the top three reasons you need life insurance before you travel. You need to be aware of the diseases that are prominent in some parts of the world and find life insurance that will cover you.

The World Health Organization and most governments have listings of countries that have outbreaks of illness that you need to be covered for. Not all life insurance will cover illness acquired in a foreign country.

At present the MERS virus is active in the Middle East, a variety of new flu viruses have arisen in China and Indonesia, the Zika virus is rampant throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, and South America, yellow fever has been cited as the next world health crisis, and Ebola has been found again in some parts of Africa.

All of these illnesses can be deadly. You can bring the disease home without knowing it and infect family members. Life insurance can protect your family if you die but only f you get a policy before you travel. You must get life insurance in the country that you live in and you must be a legal resident for the policy to be worth anything.

Travel to another country should be an enjoyable experience. It is a stark reality that illness can claim your life when you travel. Getting life insurance that covers death from illness that is prevalent in an area that you plan to travel to protects your family from financial loss.

You need to be selective in choosing a life insurance policy that covers death due to specific illnesses because not all life insurance will cover you for all illness.

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